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*       Advertising Sales Training

In my profession/career, I have come across many Advertising Representatives who have little or no experience in advertising sales and go out representing media owners which often ruins the first impression of the media owner. Clients often complain about these sales representatives, however, if the sales representative was trained and understood their products and competitors they would feel a lot more confident in their field of work and career through the  lack knowledge, develops in the lack of sales, which snow balls to despondent representatives which then institutes to a high level staff turnoffer. 

Investing in your sales staff saves costs in the long term- 

Media Pro-Ads customize sales manuals specific to your product/publication/medium to ensure your staff understand your brand and understand how your brand is unique to competitions. We have the following 3 module courses:

*       Beginners in Advertising Sales

         Understanding print mediums and your product,Classified and telephone manner/conduct yourself,       opening and closing a sales-  Rates, sizes, professional quotations and more


*       Intermediary in Advertising Sales 

    For Direct Retail advertising Representative, dress code and first impressions and projections, Into to your target market and customer needs and wants, developing of leads, cold canvassing and successful closing of sales, Sales presentations, your products strengths and weaknesses to competitors (know your brand), follow up, leave behinds and after sales service.


*        Advanced Training in Advertising Sales

You have to remember that selling to a direct client is way different to selling to an advertising agency, sometimes an advertising agency client is more knowledgeable  than the advertising representative, which often shows a lack of credibility on the media owners behalf and also institutes a lack of sales as well as respect to the representative and media owner, thus Media Pro-Ads offer the following in this module:

- The difference between a non-accredited and accredited Agency

- How to build relationships

- How an advertising agency work

- The ins and outs of demographics

- Print vs the overseas market.

- Winning sales presentations 

- different types of mediums electronic vs print

- Innovation and strategic contribution

- Media Kits and more